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Fluoride Supplements in Corsicana, TX Help Keep Your Kid’s Teeth Strong

No child’s preventive dental care would be complete without fluoride. Fluoride strengthens tooth enamel helping to prevent decay and cavities. Fluoride is so important for dental health that the Centers for Disease Control consider the fluoridation of water one of the greatest public health achievements in history.

When you’re selecting your child’s toothpaste, make sure it contains fluoride. Drinking water is fluorinated in many areas, but we can test to find out whether or not the water in your home is properly fluoridated. If not or if your child is drinking mostly bottled water, Corsicana Pediatric Dentistry can provide your child with fluoride supplements to make sure he or she is receiving the right amount of fluoride for excellent oral health. Contact our Corsicana, TX practice today to schedule your loved one’s first appointment with our doctors, or if you have any questions our team can help you with. New patients from Italy, TX and surrounding areas are always welcome!