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Fighting Childhood Dental Fears with Sedation Dentistry in Corsicana, TX

At Corsicana Pediatric Dentistry, helping your little one feel at ease throughout their appointments is a top priority for our team. As the only children’s dental specialist in the area, our doctors are proud to offer several sedation options that are safe and personalized to fit your son or daughter’s unique needs. They include:

Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas, is most often used for children who are mildly or moderately anxious or nervous. It eases their fears so they can relax and receive treatment comfortably and safely. Nitrous oxide is administered by placing a small mask over your child's nose. Your child will be asked to breathe through his or her nose and not through the mouth. As the gas begins to work, the child becomes calm, although he or she is still awake and can talk with the dentist. When the gas is turned off, the effects of sedation wear off almost immediately. As the child gets older and becomes more comfortable with the dentist, nitrous oxide may not be needed.

Nitrous oxide is always delivered mixed with oxygen. To prevent overdose, nitrous oxide machines are designed to stop the flow of nitrous oxide if the oxygen concentration drops below 30 percent.

When the treatment has been completed, the nitrous oxide is turned off and pure oxygen is delivered for 5 to 10 minutes to help flush the child's body of the gas. The effects of nitrous oxide should disappear as oxygen is breathed.

Oral Sedation

For children, a trip to the dentist can be scary. While we will always use a gentle touch whenever we work with your child, some children tend to be more anxious than others and may need a little extra help to relax in our dentist’s chair. We offer oral conscious sedation to help your child overcome dental fears and receive the care they need without upset and anxiety.

Oral sedation dentistry for your child’s dental anxiety is simple. We provide you with a pill or liquid medication that he or she can take before their visit. Your child will probably be sleepy after taking the pill, but he or she will be able to respond. Afterward, he or she might not even remember very much about the visit! We can use oral sedation to calm your child’s dental fears while we perform fillings or even just routine cleanings.

Oral sedation is safe for kids, so no need to worry. At Corsicana Pediatric Dentistry, we care just as much about your child’s emotional wellbeing as we do about their dental health!

IV Sedation

IV Sedation, also known as Deep Conscious Sedation is usually used by Oral Surgeons and dentists with specialized training and special certification. With this type of sedation, medications are administered directly into the blood stream instead of being delivered orally. The greatest advantage of IV Sedation is that if your child isn’t sedated enough, the doctor can administer more medication easily and the effects are instantaneous.

General Anesthesiology (“Sleep Dentistry”)

When a child is in need of an overly complex procedure or they suffer from severe dental-related anxiety and fear, our doctors may recommend general anesthesiology as the best option available. When under this sedation, patients will be unconscious and unaware of any dental work that is happening. Our team utilizes the services of an in-office anesthesiologist to ensure that your son or daughter remains fully safe and comfortable throughout their procedure.

Contact our Corsicana, TX location today to schedule a first appointment, or if you have any questions or concerns about sedation dentistry. We look forward to meeting new patients from Athens, TX and other nearby areas!